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Cone Beam CT Scan (CBCT)

Origins Specialty Dentistry is equipped with top notch technology; 

Cone Beam CT Scan (CBCT)

CBCT is an advanced technology produces 3-dimensional images rather than the 2-dimensional images produced by a conventional x-ray. CBCT is much faster, safer and more advanced from conventional computed tomography (CT) scan. Cone Beam CT is a special digital x-ray use in dentistry for diagnostic and optimal treatment planning. It offers the ability to visualize intricate structures inside the jaws such as sinuses, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), roots of the teeth, and nerves pathway in three dimensions.


In our San Antonio modern dental office, we use CS 8100 which produces extra low dose radiation. It allows us to take both 2D digital radiograph (panoramic x-rays), as well as 3D scans of teeth, underlying bone, sinus, entire jaw, TMJ and airway. Patients stand or sit upright as CT Scan rotates around patient’s skull. This is a fast and non-invasive diagnostic tool which only takes a couple of seconds to capture an accurate image.

Our periodontist, Dr. Babak Najafi at Origins Dentistry use this advanced tool to plan dental implants precisely and evaluate impacted teeth. Detailed virtual data of CT Scan used to determine optimal implant position while avoiding nerves, sinuses and other anatomical landmarks. CT Scan provides valuable information to plan computer-guided surgery and visualize implant placement in relation to bone and future implant prosthesis. Our top San Antonio dental implant team can show your future implants and crowns on CT Scan images to easily understand your clinical situation and treatment plan. In addition, it provides clear images of oral and maxillofacial structures to diagnose oral cancer or facial trauma.


These detailed and high quality images assist our awarded prosthodontist, Dr. Parisa Kheirieh in diagnosis and treatment planning of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) and sleep apnea as well as root canal configuration and tooth cracks or fracture lines. Three-dimensional images create a virtual model of your mouth to plan implants precisely with the optimal restoration in mind. This technology can be used for treatment planning of single dental implant crown to Implant Overdenture (Implant Snap-on Denture), Implant Supported Full Fixed Bridges and All-on-4 (Implants Fixed Denture).


This advance technology can also be used in Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy) and Orthodontics diagnostic and treatment as well. Origins Dentistry is a five-star rating multi-specialty office located in Northwest side offers dental radiographs to the patients conveniently instead of referring to other imaging centers.

You can schedule your appointment with the dental experts of San Antonio, Dr. Kheirieh, Prosthodontist or Dr. Najafi, Periodontist.

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