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The Importance of a Good Oral Routine

Why Is It So Important to Take Preventive Care of Your Teeth Every Day?

Preventive care is the simplest way to maintain a healthy smile. Proper, consistent brushing and flossing promotes robust tooth health and staves off diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Brushing and flossing, in conjunction with semi-annual dentist visits with Dr. Parisa Kheirieh and Dr. Babak Najafi at Origins Specialty Dentistry in San Antonio, TX, will keep your teeth looking and feeling their best for a long time.


Brushing twice daily for at least two minutes staves off tartar, plaque, food, and bacteria that build up around the gum line and the teeth. Brushing massages the gum tissue and stimulates blood flow to the area, and it also helps to polish the teeth and keep them their brightest. While you can brush at any time of the day, dentists recommend that you brush once in the morning and once again at night.


Flossing is critical to maintain fresh breath, remove debris that your brush could not reach, and clean just beneath the gum line. Take your floss in an up-down, back-and-forth motion between the teeth for best results. Just like brushing, interdental cleaning with floss is done twice a day, and usually before brushing.

Other Kinds of Dental Maintenance

If you have dentures or other removable prostheses, remove them and clean these when it's time to brush your teeth. Dentures require soaking, and implants are maintained by brushing and flossing as usual.

Visit your dentist

Getting professional exams and cleanings can help your dentist detect problems as they arise and help you get back on track with good dental health. Thorough professional cleanings make it easier to maintain beautiful teeth at home.

Embrace preventive care with Dr. Kheirieh and Dr. Najafi at Origins Specialty Dentistry in San Antonio, TX. Call us today at (210) 460-0749 to set up a consultation.

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