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Erosion (Acidic Tooth Wear)

With proper care, your teeth can last a lifetime. But some amount of wear as we age is normal. By “wear,” we mean loss of tooth structure. Wear starts with loss of the hard, translucent enamel that forms the outer covering of teeth, and might, in more serious cases, progress to the softer inner tooth. San Antonio Prosthodontist, Dr Kheirieh discusses the common type of tooth wear, erosion.


Acidic foods and beverages wear away tooth enamel, cause tooth sensitivity and damage your smile! Drinking wine, orange juice or even lime sucking would gradually damage your tooth structure and cause non-carious cervical lesions (NCCLs) or caries. The loss of tooth structure may show itself as discoloration too and cause esthetic concerns. 

When your teeth come in contact with acidic substances in your diet, the acid can actually erode (dissolve) the enamel on your teeth. Culprits of this kind of tooth wear often include sodas, sports drinks and so-called energy drinks. Certain fruit juices are also acidic. Confining these drinks to mealtimes and swishing water in your mouth after drinking them can help prevent this erosion.

“The other possible reasons may be acid reflux, pregnancy, Bulimia, or alcoholism”, Dr Parisa Kheirieh added. The acidic content in the mouth would eat away the superficial layer of your teeth… especially from inside of your tooth. It may not be visible from outside. However, this chronic and quiet condition may progress and lead to serious consequences. As usual, prevention is the key! The sooner the worn down teeth are detected, the better outcomes your dentist can achieve. Your neighborhood dentist/prosthodontist is specialized in restoring function and esthetics on natural teeth and implants. Parisa Kheirieh, DDS and Babak Najafi A, DDS, MDS, FRCD(C) are the specialists at Origins Dentistry committed to outstanding patient care in our 5-star dental office in San Antonio.

Treating Worn Teeth:

In order to treat your worn teeth, the cause of the wear must be determined during a simple oral examination at the dental office. Once the cause has been identified, the stresses on your teeth can be reduced if need be. For example, you may need instruction on gentle, effective tooth brushing techniques; or some changes to your diet. If you have a clenching or grinding habit, a mouthguard can be custom-made for you that will protect your teeth during sleep or periods of high stress.

Lost tooth structure sometimes needs to be replaced so your bite functions properly and your teeth look great once again. Depending on the situation, this can be done with bonding, veneers, or crowns. Fortunately, modern dentistry can restore the normal shape, appearance and function of worn teeth — beautifully and successfully! Schedule your regular check up with Dr Kheirieh, Prosthodontist at Origins Specialty Dentistry for a comprehensive exam.

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