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  • September: Dental Implant Awareness Month
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September: Dental Implant Awareness Month

Live a life full of smiles!

Live a Life Full of Smiles! September is Dental Implant Awareness Month! 

Dental Implants look and act like natural teeth. Fusing with your own bone, implants are usually the best replacement option for natural teeth. When you loose any of your teeth for any reasons, dental implants can replicate the construction of a tooth from the root underneath the gum tissue to the attractive crown. They restore both your smile and self-confidence. They will be secure in your mouth, so they won't slip or click when you talk. Food would not go underneath them. Unlike other alternative options, dental implants would not adversely affect your taste either. 

Is implant safe? Is tooth implant as good as my own tooth? How expensive is dental implant? Is implant better than bridge? Is implant better than root canal? Is implant better than denture? How safe is dental implant? How long does dental implant last?

Dental Implants help keep your facial structure as well. They are the only replacement option that actually helps stimulate jaw bone growth and prevent bone loss! They help you retain your natural face shape and smile. Replacing your missing natural teeth with dental implants as soon as possible helps prevent bone loss at the site.

It is interesting that the ancient dental implants go back to Mayans and Ancient Egypt... traced back to around 600 AD. 


Is dental implant painful? Is all-on-4 the best option? Is denture more affordable than implant? Why implant is better than denture? Can implant be done in one day? Who are the specialists in dental implant? Who does Dental implant in San Antonio? Are you put to sleep during dental implant surgery? IS implant good for me? Can you break an implant tooth? Should I get a bridge or implant? 

Dental implants are the closest you can get to healthy natural teeth. The other important advantage of dental implants is protecting your nearby health teeth. Dental implants do not require grinding down your adjacent teeth to anchor regular bridges or attach removable partial dentures. An implant is embedded in the open socket of your jaw and does not negatively affect the surrounding teeth.

Do not forget that dental implants allow you to have the peace of mind to eat what you love without any worry. They are durable teeth with very high success rates. With dental implants, you brush and floss them just like your natural teeth. American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) is the first professional organization in the world dedicated to advancing implant dentistry since 1951. At Origins Specialty Dentistry, Dr Babak Najafi, Periodontist and Dr Parisa Kheirieh, Prosthodontist are the dental specialists in San Antonio who can help you get your smile back. 

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