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COVID-19, Dentistry & Appointments- Part 2

COVID-19 Dentistry Appointments

- Should I keep my dental appointment despite the stay-home order? Should I go to my dentist during covid-19 pandemic? According to American Dental Association (ADA) all non-emergency dental procedures should be postponed at this time. For latest updates, please refer to your country & state governments as well as state dental associations. All in all, if you have a scheduled dental appointment, you may contact the office. They would guide you for the best course of action. Concentrating only on dental emergencies during this time would help with social distancing & slowing down the community spread of this virus. No doubt that avoiding non-essential elective dental procedures during this time would help in reducing the peak incidence (flattening the curve) and slowing down the spread. 

- What is a dental emergency? When should I go to my dentist during covid-19 pandemic? Is it safe to go to dental office? Is it safe to go out? Is it safe to postpone my dental appointment? What should I do for toothache? What should I do for my swelling? Face swelling? Jaw pain? Tooth Sensitivity? Dental Cleaning? Tooth pain? Mouth swelling? Earache? Brushing? Flossing? Dental appointments? Dental recall?

In case of any dental emergencies, please contact your dentist. They will guide you for the next step based on ADA, CDC and their local association policies. Dental emergencies such as bleeding that doesn’t stop, or a diffuse bacterial infection swelling which may potentially compromise your airway or other conditions. If you’re not sure whether your oral care is an emergency or not, call your dentist’s office. Anyway, dental offices have a particular protocol in place by ADA to prevent transmission in their offices.

Actually these days, dentists and other dental professionals are helping their local hospitals & medical centers by donating their personal protective equipment including masks, face shields, goggles, gloves & gowns.

The main thing these days is to stay calm and focus on your well-being & hygiene… spending more time brushing, flossing… focusing more on your home care in order to prevent cavities, gum disease or any other oral issues. 

As always, prevention is the key!

By Dr Babak Najafi and Dr Parisa Kheirieh

Origins Specialty Dentistry,

5718 University Heights Blvd, Suite 201, 

San Antonio, TX 78249

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