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  • COVID-19, Dentistry and Oral Hygiene Tips - Part 1
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COVID-19, Dentistry and Oral Hygiene Tips - Part 1

COVID-19 Oral Hygiene Tips

"COVID-19, Dentistry and Oral Hygiene Tips"

During these challenging days, we are all experiencing uncertain time. Aside from the uncertainty, anxiety, even financial concerns associated with this pandemic, we are constantly dealing with misinformation & rumors from unreliable sources which may lead to disastrous outcomes; trying some home remedies or unknown rituals which may be dangerous… as seen or heard on the news. In this episode of “Word of Mouth: The Truth about Dentistry”, Dr Najafi & Dr Kheirieh talk about coronavirus and dentistry… answering your dental-related questions on this pandemic and providing oral hygiene tips related to COVID-19. With honorary guest, Dr Purnima Kumar, Periodontist and Oral Ecologist, they touch upon various topics and shed light on myths and misinformation available online for public. Please watch our full videos on YouTube and various social media platforms.

What is coronavirus? What is COVID-19? What is a virus? What is pandemic? Where does corona come from? Where is coronavirus originated from? What do we know about coronaviruses? Pandemic or Epidemic? What is SARS? What are the symptoms of covid19? How to stop the spread of infection?

SARS-Cov-2 is the newest member of corona virus family. It is thought that this virus has jumped the species barrier… speculated to originate from a certain type of bats, then probably through an intermediate host (most likely pangolins) and then infected humans. 

Where did corona virus come from? What to trust? How can I protect myself from COVID-19? How to stay safe in this pandemic? Can young people get COVID-19? How dangerous is coronavirus? Can coronavirus go through skin? Can I get coronavirus from my mouth? Is coronavirus in saliva? Is coronavirus in hair? What are COVID-19 symptoms?  How long should I wash my hands? Does drinking water kill coronavirus?

As you may have already heard, the symptoms range from mild to severe… Fever, dry cough, shortness of breath and fatigue. SARS-Cov-2 typically spreads through respiratory droplets or possibly by contact. Washing your hands and not touching your face is essential to break the chain of infection. However, based on scientific studies, we touch our face 15 - 23 times per hour on average. That is s a potential vector for the self-inoculation and transmission of respiratory infection. On average, only 77% wash their hands with soap & water in public restrooms. In a phone survey, around 78% say they always wash hands before handling or eating food. It should be noted that only 34% say they always wash their hands after coughing or sneezing. Or when it comes to the necessary 20-second washing hands, we do not wash our hands correctly around 97% of the times!

How different is this virus from Influenza? Does coronavirus live in the air? What is a droplet? What is fumite? What is aerosol? What are the myths about coronavirus? Is bleach effective against virus? Should I take antibiotics to prevent coronavirus? How effective is eating garlic against COVID-19? Which herbs are good for coronavirus? How to boost your immunity? Should I clean my cell phone? Should I clean my keyboard? Where to check the latest updates in San Antonio?

COVID-19, although similar to Influenza or SARS in some aspects, it has significant differences in terms of transmission, infectious period and extent of community spread. According to WHO, the most effective ways against COVID-19 are to frequently clean your hands, cover your cough or sneeze with the bend of your elbow or a tissue and social distancing. Avoiding crowds and staying home these days as most of the authorities have implemented worldwide. Do not forget disinfecting the touched surfaces and objects frequently... especially your computer keyboard and obviously, your cell phone!

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