• Dental Implants for Missing Teeth
    If you are missing a tooth you may be curious about what options you have when it comes to restoring your smile. Dental implants are in many ways the best Read more
  • What Is Periodontics?
    Dr. Parisa Kheirieh and Dr. Babak Najafi from Origins Specialty Dentistry offer specialized dental care in San Antonio, Shavano Park, Helotes, Leon Springs, Fair Oaks, and Boerne, TX, including periodontics, Read more
  • Deep Cleanings to Combat Gum Disease
    It’s not just clean, healthy teeth that create an award-winning smile. The health of your gums is just as important. They keep your teeth in place and act as a Read more
  • Lip Repositioning
    How much gums do you show in your smile? One of the treatment options for the gummy smile is lip repositioning. This minor surgical procedure can improve your smile significantly. Read more
  • Manual vs Electric Toothbrush
    Manual vs Electric Toothbrush; which one is better? Is powered toothbrush better than manual? No, not necessarily! Manual & electric toothbrushes are both equally effective in cleaning your teeth & gums. Research Read more
  • An Update from Dr Kheirieh, Dr Najafi & team at Origins Dentistry
    We are thrilled seeing most of our patients have gotten their COVID-19 Vaccines these days! Hopefully we'll soon have these tough days behind us!  We would like to assure you we Read more
  • Dental Implants Restore Your Whole Smile
    How dental implants from your dentists in San Antonio, TX, can give you the smile you deserveDoes your smile need a little restoration? If you’ve been missing teeth for a Read more
  • Smoking
    It goes without saying that smoking is bad for your overall health. Your oral health is not an exception!   Smoking alters your immune system leading to gum disease (gingivitis and Read more
  • Looking To Freshen up Your Smile? Try Veneers
    Porcelain veneers from your dentists in San Antonio, TX, can renew your smile. Your smile should be beautiful, but many of us were not gifted with a memorable smile. Many of Read more
  • Resin Bonded Bridge (Maryland bridge)
    There are different ways to fill in the gap in your smile from removable to fixed options. Resin bonded bridge is a conservative restorative option for replacing a missing tooth. Read more
  • Wisdom Teeth
    The third molars, generally called “wisdom teeth” are the last set of teeth which erupts around the age of 17-25. However, it varies from person to person. There are certain Read more
  • Cone Beam CT Scan (CBCT)
    Origins Specialty Dentistry is equipped with top notch technology;  Cone Beam CT Scan (CBCT) CBCT is an advanced technology produces 3-dimensional images rather than the 2-dimensional images produced by a conventional x-ray. Read more
  • The Importance of a Good Oral Routine
    Why Is It So Important to Take Preventive Care of Your Teeth Every Day? Preventive care is the simplest way to maintain a healthy smile. Proper, consistent brushing and flossing promotes Read more
  • Gum Grafting (Gingival Grafting)
    Gum Recession or Thin Gum: Inside your mouth, gum tissue (periodontal tissue) forms a barrier that resists the vigorous mechanical (and microbial) effects of eating, chewing and biting. Gums may begin Read more
  • Erosion (Acidic Tooth Wear)
    With proper care, your teeth can last a lifetime. But some amount of wear as we age is normal. By “wear,” we mean loss of tooth structure. Wear starts with Read more
    Remember to use your dental insurance benefits by the end of year! If not, you may lose them all! HO HO HO! It’s that time of year again! With new year Read more

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